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Fastest Food

Fastest Food

An app to sell food via delivery and personal too.

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Me as Full Stack

Short Explanation

An app to sell food via delivery and personal too.

This app calls third party API to get the meals, The api can filter by category and get random meals.

the third party API is The Meal DB.

Project Goals

Extend sales on a virtual level thus increasing clientele and realizing as Fastest Food throughout the country.

Tech Stack Used


was developed using Nextjs for a snappier website and delivering a quick and easy-to-use interface. We decided to use Tailwindcss and Headless/ui for this site for a better look and maintainability.

For the application we use numerous libraries such as:


was developed using Nestjs with fastify for call The Meal DB api, we used fastify for have a better performace when call the api. We used axios for call third's Api


Lessons Learned

I worked on this project by myself. Where can I learn about businesses like restaurants, foodtruck... etc.