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Beca tu futuro | Crece tu talento, crece el pais

Beca tu futuro | Crece tu talento, crece el pais

An application to facilitate all types of Dominican students to register and apply for scholarships.

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Team of 4, as the Frontend

Short Explanation

This project was developed to facilitate more than 1,500,000 citizens of the Dominican Republic to They can register and thus be able to apply for national and international scholarships and through this same platform they can follow up on their applications and their already approved scholarships.

Project Goals

This project began with the objective of helping Dominican citizens to apply for national and international scholarships, making it easier for all people of different economic status to achieve their dreams.

Tech Stack Used

This project was developed using Create React App for a snappier website and delivering a quick and easy-to-use interface. We decided to use Tailwindcss for this site for a better look and maintainability.

For the application we use numerous libraries such as:

  • React Hook Form for form management and form validation
  • React Dropzone for drag-and-drop file upload
  • React Hot Toast for giving toast about success and error

Explanatory Video

In this video you will know the application 100%, you will know the flow, the object and the goal of this project.

Lessons Learned

In this project I learned a lot about teamwork because we had to communicate a lot in every way, since the requirements of the app were not 100%, it could be said that they were 50%, we started this one because we already had the time up and the only option we had was to define through we were going to develop... it was one of my best experiences which I do not want to repeat 😂👌🏼.